"During the 1960s, I think, people forgot what emotions were supposed to be. 
And I don't think they've ever remembered." - Andy Warhol

Karma Kidnapping was established in 2011.

Who? Nicole How old? 24 y/o Where? Stockholm, Sweden

Who are you?
I'm a 24-year old girl woman,
raised in the beautiful town
of Poughkeepsie
in the state of New York.
I recently finished
my Bachelor's studies
in Dresden
and moved to
beautiful Stockholm
for my Master in Marketing
after spending a beautiful Spring
in trashy Berlin.
I love the cold North -
but you never know
where life will take you,
which actually is
one of the reasons why
I've been writing this blog:
To keep track of
my personal developement
through time and space.

Canon EOS 600D
iPhone 5s

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  1. Chère Alice,
    Deine Gründe für das Führen dieses Blogs finde ich sehr schön auf den Punkt gebracht!
    Wenn du damit einverstanden bist, würde ich sie gerne in meinen Blog (http://zwischenstuehlen.wordpress.com/) mit aufnehmen.
    Weiter so!:)